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OK, one more bassist looking ad!


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Now this guy may be taking telling the truth just a bit too far!:cool:





By KKBASS on Saturday, September 17, 2005 - 12:41 pm:



BLOODY GOOD BASSIST/VOCALIST who has gigged with some of the best bands around CHicago! Have gigged with 7DEEZ (disco tribute) PREZENCE (Zep Trib), and subbed with ELEVATION (U-2 trib) I know tons of mainstream covers, and have good lead and harmony vox. Also, no drug or alchohol problems. Great stage presence and energy.

However, I am also divorced, depressed, discontent, and moody. Can be brash, aloof, and a bit of a brooding loner. I also complain about never meeting hot chicks.

So, Im a great musician, and asset to a band's performance, but off stage, I can be a bit of a head case, pain to work with! Hows that for honesty?

Kurt 312-320-2272 kkellybass@yahoo.com

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