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I Broke A Peavey!!!!!


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yea, so playing some low b on my bass today doin some recording on my mp3 player, and my amp starts distorting like crazy...


anyways...its distorting like mad...and it shouldnt be the active battery in the bass cause ive only had the bass since beginning of summer, and the battery was new when i bought it..im buying a new battery tomorow to check this again...


anyways...sucks...its a peavy minx110 from about 3-4 years ago, so its time to get a new one neways, plus it couldnt handle the low b without clipping...so meh


gives my parents a xmas present idea...eden nemisis 115 or 212 or 210


also...quick update: offically quit the band, working on a solo album atm, didnt go thru with the theory lessons, and im thinking about teaching begginner bass for like 10 an hour (canadian dolars)

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