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Damn gas!


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Went store hopping today and played some basses.

First was an old beat up Rickenbacher, felt good, but it was in real bad shape, big crack in headstock, lots of dinks and scratches, no pickguard and so on.


Next was a Ibanez Artcore hollowbody, this one surprised me, the neck was great and it played very well, nice rich tone.


After the ibby I picked up G&L Tribute 2500, very nice neck and tight B string, good sounding and so on.


I was heading out when I saw a beautiful Godin Freeway 4 in natural and decided to play it. The best bass Ive played in long time, awesome neck, very very nice sound from the PJ setting and build quality top notch. Now I have unwanted gas for Godin :mad:

Anybody played a five string Freeway? I have the 4 strings pretty much covered with my SX, and I want my next bass to have 5 strings so Im intrested in Godin Freeway 5er.

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