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Need a new compressor


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Originally posted by Droplaw621

whats the difference in the dbx 266 and dbx 166 except for price which can mean a lot

I have a dbx 266XL compressor/gate in the single rackspace of my SWR RedHead. I love this unit! It has a very musical sound (especially if you use the "OverEasy" mode).


The fact that you have two channels of compression and gating makes it very flexible. I currently have mine set up in serial. The first channel is set up for a little compression and very mild gating and the second is set up as a limiter. This works well for my playing style.


But this also works well if you want extreme compression. Let's say you want 8:1 compression. If you just turn one compressor all the way up, you can get a harsh sound with lots of artifact. With two channels, however, you can set both to 4:1 and still get a total of 8:1 with more smoothness.


I don't know too much about the 166XL. I "think" that it's supposed to sound closer to the classic dbx 160...but I'm not sure about that.



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