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Jensen P15R speaker info

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This topic has been covored a few times over the years as ive done my

research on this speaker. But I'm having a hard time believeing some of

the information because someone said that the P15N is a 20 watt

handling speaker, and that the speakers went up in increments of 2

watts handling power by letter. (p15r- 14watts, p15q- 16watts, p15p-

18watts, and p15n- 20.)


But unless something over the years has drastically changed in the

making of these speakers, the vintage reissues are 50 watts-100 watts

max load.


I really need information on these P15R speakers I have, they are 8

omhs, i know that, and they have the following numbers on them:


50C632259 B (above the Gold " Jensen Alnico 5 PM Speaker Concert

series" sticker)

220629 (under the sticker)

P15R C5835 (on the rim of the basket)


I actually contacted Jensen via E-mail and they literally told me to

"check and ask around on google groups". So they are useless. But this

forum isn't :)


Thank you for your time, any information would be relative. Even if you

own one and use it in something, what does it sound like? what do you

have it hooked up to? How much power can it handle?


Once again, thank you.

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