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Disconnected my horn!


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I ripped my horn out last night!


Well, I didn't rip it out, I simply disconnected the wires and put the thing back in again. I had a resistor on the thing on the advice of a friend, which seemed to work, but it was scary seeing the melted wires and heat damage. Obviously it has been getting a punshing.


To say my tone is a million times better is an understatement! I have dialled some of the mid-highs and highs back in to bring things back, and it still sounds better, but not quite.


I am thinking I would like to replace the horn with a 5" speaker, as some of you have. Given the following speaker configuration, what will I need in terms of 5" speaker and crossover etc?


4x10" Eminence Beta (150W), 4ohm each, wired in dual series/parallel for 4ohm total cabinet load. The horn was connected up from one of the speakers.


All parts I will source through a local electronics outlet if possible.




PS Parody away :D

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Originally posted by Benjamin

Cool Dan!

I am quite happy to persevere as things are, however I would like just a little more glass and snap.

We need to start or join the NO HORN CLUB


I'm in your club. I didn't disconnect the horn on my Avatar but its turned all the way off.:)


The Ashdown doesn't get used for anything, if it did it'd be snipped!:D

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