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Stu Zender... I get it now.


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I was out of the country for a couple years, which means I missed a few odd pop music careers entirely (Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Bush, and Jamiroquai) so when I heard people refer to Zender as a lordly incredible bassist, I just nodded and moved on.


So my fiance pops in some Jamiroquai CDs on a road trip...


holy. {censored}.


The man is so tight it's unbelieveable. I can't remember so many "damn, I wish I could play like that" moments on a single CD (Travelling without Moving). If you haven't heard the god that is Stu Zender yet, check out the tracks "Cosmic Girl" and "Travelling Without Moving".


Makes me wonder what else I missed from 96-99.

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