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OT: New Stereo and New Flat!!!!


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cool!! check it out.


this stereo cranks really hard!!, this is also were i got the idea of putting LEDs in a custom cab






now if only i had a nice TV to go with the killer sound...




this is cool, the dishwasher comes out like a drawer, i have never seen this before!!




the bathroom is huge, this is cause the Flat used to be occupied by an old couple, and they needed this seat in the shower, thi will be very handy after a long day..




first little thing too make it seem more like a home..






btw - in case you havent noticed, i finally got a camera!:D



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Nice... always good to get a new flat. As for the stereo, I still prefer mine... :rolleyes: I just got an old 80's stereo cabinet for it... one of the ones with the glass front/top. However, my stereo and all is so big, I can just fit all my stuff in it. Well, stereo, equilizer, and bass amp. I've still gotta find somewhere for speakers/phonograph/random other stuff...



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