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Victor Wooten Band concert review...


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This past Thursday night I had the pleasure of attending one of Victor Wooten's shows at Toad's Place on his Soul Circus Tour.


I got to the place and since it's a bar they closed off a section for the 'kiddies' (under 21), and we'll get to why it was actually a better area later on:); no matter your age.

I was kinda early, I waited in line for 15 minutes before they opened the doors, then shot straight to the best spot I could find, a good view of the musicians from the side of the stage. This area also had good access to the doors to the backstage area - I suppose maybe I could have went backstage but I didn't. Things went well at any rate.


Anyways, Future Man opened the show and did about a 30 minute set or so. I never really heard his own stuff but I thought it was fantastic. I guess he had a guitarplayer that's rather new to the scene, they call him Area 51? I don't know his real name but he supposedly won one of those contests held at guitar center. He was a sick player doing a lot of slapping and percussive stuff and tapping the instrument like a piano. More technical and was able to incorporate some musicality to it as well, leaned more on the side of technicality than actual musicality. Despite that his contribution to the music being produced fit so well. He did some rather unbelievable things and his sense of time is rather flawless at that. Future man exited the stage where I was standing. Shook his hand :)... I guess that makes me special. :rolleyes::D


After tearing down, Anthony Wellington got up on stage and tuned 4-5 basses he was going to be playing that night. Just an interesting process watching a great musician tune 10 grand basses and going through the equipment with a fine tooth comb to see that everything's in place - talk about being well prepared and not assuming things are in place just because they are there. Vic got up on stage, show began. He played a lot of familiar stuff from Show of Hands and numerous other CD's. I've yet to hear the Soul Circus CD however. The musicians for the night included:


Victor Wooten (shook his hand)

Reggie Wooten (I actually got to talk to him when he came out for a little break from playing and just chilled instead of going 'back stage'. He's an interesting guy and with a crowd of atleast 3/4 if not more bassists - probably the most under appreciated member of the group. Boy can he play. Awesome guy and a great musician)

Derico Watson played drums for the night. I again got to meet him and talk to the guy. My location during the show lent to quite a bit of eye contact. He knew I was digging his stuff and when he was interacting with the musicians and looking over my direction. Quite a bit of laughs at that too. Vic did a solo section where he played stuff like Norwegian Wood and did stuff with his loopstation like A night in tunisia... a lot of concepts that you'd hear off of his Bass Day 98 video if any of you own it. Anyways, this was when I kinda started talking to Reggie and Derico when they just came out from backstage and just chilled. Got to greet MC Divinity and shake here hand as well. She can rap and sing and she can play bass rather well! It was just a blast seeing Wellington, MC Div. and Victor Wooten playing bass up on stage at the same time.


It was a great night. I could swear to god that vic not only left everyone in awe that night, but he made a lot of progress in the past 5 years since I last heard him play at a bass clinic with Steve Bailey and drummer Mike Mangini. What an inspirational night. I really needed it to boost my spirits and approach to playing, haven't been to any good shows in a while.

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Originally posted by bassman1956

So why was the "kiddie" section better? Did I miss that?


Cuz the musicians came out from the backstage area into a little area near the audience. it was rather sweet.... this was how i talked to reggie and derico :)... despite not being able to get a drink lol... that didnt matter much:p

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