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Originally posted by 78pbass

cool, me too! I've been learning Country..and chicken-picken. the only thing more sought after than bass players are qualified country guitar players (not blues or rock players who know I-IV-V).

My love is in the low end, but my growth is in the skinny strings for the time being. (I move between bass, drums, and country guitar).



Yeah i hear you, i heard the band Mastodon and that rekindled my love for guitar. Ive been doing a lot of writing and soloing, something i just could not do on the bass. Its taught me a lot about music, as well as giving me a chance to work with a few local bassists that i have been enamored with since i started playing.


Ive decided to get a Mesa Boogie 400+ for my poor old Ampeg 8x10 to hang out with and get back to the thunder. See if i can apply some of my newly found skills to the bass. Also its good to be back here and see that not much has changed.........that could be a good thing.:D

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