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ot: private ufc style fight clubs


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ok, so me and some friends have started up a local ufc style martial arts fight club...kinda like street fighting mixed with grapeling....anyways, the first fight starts as soon as the grass is visible in spring...lol..sounds weird but its our agreed on first fight night...


anyways, so im training atm, and i need a good forearm excersise....:p

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Originally posted by LateGreats

I've seen some really cool underground shootfights on video, so if you're going to do this, by all means, videotape it, no matter how dangerous or irresponsible.



we have many video cameras...and we are wearing full face mask and gloves...


face mask only so that we can still work after we have lost a fight...

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OK, I found some videos to post, along with better quality versions of the ones I already posted.



The ol' one two combo

Me on the recieving end of the ol' 1 2

Me eating a left

One to the body and one to the head, on the ground




Me failing a firemans carry on the ground

Spinning into a knee bar



Hiza Guruma 1

Hiza Guruma 2

Soto Makikomi

Morote Seoi Nage

Uke Goshi

Salvaged Uchi Mata


Harai Goshi is my throw. I have trained for almost 9 years with it and can throw it from almost any position you can imagine. Here are 5 clips of me throwing it.


Harai Goshi - 1

Harai Goshi - 2

Harai Goshi - 3

Harai Goshi - 4

Harai Goshi - 5

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I do kickboxing, but mostly in order to keep in shape. I'm not serious about it in the least competition-wise, I'm too freakin' small :D


But yeah, if I develop skills that I might, one day, need to use in order to defend myself, it will have had a secondary helping effect with me.

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