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A song by Moody Johnny

Moody Johnny

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I'm not really looking for feedback as my music is acquired taste to say the least, and I have a strong vision about what I do. I'm just offering my HCBF brethren the option to check out what I'm up to.


So here's an in-production track from Apocryphal Voice's upcoming album. Everything is done by me, including the programmed drums. (We are about to record real drums to replace these.)




The feel I was after is dragging, void of will to live, imprisoned.


The bass I used was a crappy old P-bass version by Ibanez lacking sustain. I really had to struggle (compression, compression, compression) to achieve a usable sound out of this P.O.S.


The guitars turned out to be wintery cold fuzz, which I kinda like, but you'd get a stroke if you knew the procedures I recorded them with (they're mic'ed all right).

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