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Roland SIP-301 Pre-amp


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and i now have a rack in the making, i was in Cairns for the weekend, which is about 4 hours north of where i live, and i went to Cash Converters, its like a Pawn Brokers.


there was a rack case and i was hoping it was empty, it had this Roland Bass Pre-Amp in it, i asked if they would seperate it but they wouldnt so i talked them down to AUD$200 for a 6U MTB rack case and an oldschool Roland Preamp, i am pretty happy with that


it is an SIP-301, IIRC


could someone teach me how to hook it up properly please??


here is all the details:


Front panel features / controls:


- high and low gain (active and passive) inputs

- built in compressor controls

- 3 band EQ with "quasi" parametric Q switches and high and low cut switches

- volume (gain, also affects the output level of the DI)

- master volume (affects level sent to power amp / output of unit)

- external effects loop (post EQ section)


Rear panel features / controls:


- pre EQ effects loop

- main full range output

- internal crossover high and low outputs

- internal crossover frequency crossover point control





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well if you wanna use the preamp, youre gonna need a power amp to amplify that,


that or you can use your 350x and plug the full range out into the pre amp in jack in the back... or if you dont have one of those then the effects loop return jack.


otherwise you just have a preamp that you can use to record bass with to your computer if you can hook it up like that.

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