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Church Question.


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Originally posted by 4string

We have 3 very contemporary services (Hillsongs ect..) and one that is more of an unplugged setting at a sattelite location.

Team one

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar

Electric guitar





Brass / woodwind

4 - 5 vocalists

Team two

Same as team one with the brass / woodwind section and only keyboards or piano

Team three

Same as team 2

Team 4 (Unplugged)

Acoustic guitar

percussion (congas / jembe)



two vocalists

And then we have the youth team that my youngest is practising alot so he can join. I have filled in from time to time for them

Marshall Stack

Fender cybertwin

Line 6 Spider

A very loud and fast impressive drummer

Bass - Ampeg 8x10 SVT Classic Head

Acoustic Guitar for the Worship leader

Some good looking girls (vocalists) that my eldest won't admit he likes

We run a 128 track mixer so you can imagine the size of this production.



WOW you guys have a huge congeration.

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Originally posted by DerekDRP

Same here our's supost to be the biggest one in the state of michigan as I heard. It's called Living GOD Hope. wich is where I met the woman of my dream's


does she know she's the woman of your dreams?

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