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Ampeg website: What the heck?!

Rippin' Robin

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Kids, this is what happens when you let your domain name expire. Now it's a 404 error, which means Ampeg contacted their registrar and threatened them with a lawsuit for giving up the name as soon as the thing expired (standard rule is to hold it for up to 60 days without selling it to another party -- which many hosts seem to forget about when they're offered large sums of money to transfer it to someone else).


There's a local competitor here who let theirs expire just two weeks after putting out all their yellow pages ads, painting their new van with the address plastered across it, getting it done on their windows of their shop, etc. Rather than contact their registrar, they decided to just change it (maybe they didn't know they could contest it... they should, they're a bloody computer store). I watched that domain for the last few days it was around, and the moment it became available, registered it and redirected it to our site.


I still get phone calls from people who were trying to call them "because they went to the web site and this is the number that was on there"... and I always direct them straight to our store. Best business decision I've ever made, IMO.

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