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Let's see some live pics! Come on, you know you want to.


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Originally posted by bonscottvocals

I actually thought it was a Halloween gig and that you were wearing those close to dress as hillbillies. That is so freakin coooooool!!!

You haven't played a gig since? Too bad, it's like a drug for me, I have to play/sing for people or I go bananas. I will even do karaoke if I have to go more than a couple of weeks w/out a gig. Keep on Rockin, oddsock.

We had only had about two weeks time with the drummer, and half of that was missing Steve (guy in pants), so this was our first gig. It was also the day before I left Skagway to come back to Anchorage for school, so... just the one gig. Moral of the story is: don't screw off all summer, get a drummer!

Hopefully my Anchorage band will play out soon. It was so much fun to play in front of people. :D and we got paid! :eek:

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Originally posted by mlwarriner

that would be a JAF Minuteman. custom bass made by our very own Mikgag and bassmanatlarge...


And while were on the subject, here is another JAF...






Not hta best pic though. I'll post some new ones shortly, I'm waiting for them to be emailed to me from Saturday's gig...

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Originally posted by Thunderbroom

bassgirl...I'm an old happily married guy...and feel kinda creepy saying this...but those pics are hot!


I'm an old happily married chick, so I'll take that as a compliment!

and thanks to all the rest of you cuties too. ;)
A much needed pick me up.

Cheers Eve

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Originally posted by bassplayer7770

Rock on, Eve! You look like you'd be fun to see live.

Thanks! Well, I certainly have fun. I still need to get a pic of me standing on the bass and playing it at the same time, but that'll come. I've only done it once at a gig so far.

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