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pickups for warmoth project


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I'm not sure yet which way I'm going to go with the pickups on my frankenjazz thingo. Found a few options on the 'bay - I'm pretty keen to save a bit of money here after blowing it all on the paintjob for the body :)


old dimarzios - I've seen these in old jazzes that had pickups replaced back in the day. Anyone know anything about them?


bartolini - I was considering ordering Barts from guitarelectronics.com anyway (and I have to buy some bits and pieces from them anyway so shipping is no big deal), so I might be able to save a bit of money by buying this one second hand seeing as it's in australia anyway - still have to get the bridge one new though.


second hand fralins - look a bit dodgy, but the seller seems trustworthy.


then of course there's all the standard new stuff, dimarzio ultrajazz, fender std & noiseless, etc etc. Any recommendations? Those Fralins should be pretty good I would think, and I'm kind of tempted by those old dimarzios if they're likely to be any good, they're cheap and they'll look pretty old-school :-p

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