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european formates: i need to find a hugnormous beer stein...


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Originally posted by bassguy

ok so my sister is in finland with school, and im asking her to send me over a beer stein...anyideas where you can get soem good huuuuggee beer steins in finland?



I guess I'm the only finnish forumite here, so I'll try to help, though my "street knowledge" on this subject is limited.


I found an interesting website by a finnish company called Tinatalo where she can mail-order some elaborately made pewter tankards:




The problem is that none of those are really big-ass. They're only about half litre in size, which isn't much for your hopes.


If she wants to look for one on the street level, she propably should check out antique stores and bigger department stores (like for example, Stockmann).


Sorry, but I can't help much more than that. Finland is not the best country to get fine or over-the-top brass dishes. Central-Europe would be perfect for those. It's more about glass design over here.

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