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Cbb = A#


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This is the stuff we're going over this semester:





The Staff


The Musical Alphabet

Treble Clef

Bass Clef

Ledger Lines

Uses of Treble and Bass Clefs

The Great Staff (Grand Staff)


The Octave

Half Steps and WholeSteps


Enharmonic Spellings

Chromatic Half Steps

Diatonic Half Steps

Whole Steps

Major Scales Characteristics

The C Major Scale

Major Scales other than C

Relationship of Major Scales

Notation of the Fifteen Major Scales on the Staff

Spelling Major Scales

Names of the Scale Degrees


Key Signature

Key Signatures on the Staff

Circle of Fifths

Minor Scales: Natural (Pure), Harmonic, and Melodic Forms

Harmonic Form of the Minor Scale

Melodic Form of the Minor Scale

Notation of the Fifteen Minor Scales on the Staff, Each Scale in It

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