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I've tried the new atk305. it's made in indonesia not korea like the old ones. compared to my atk100, this one was amazingly light esp for an ash body. i've got a ash j and ash atk100 and they kill me everytime i go on stage. this one barely registered that it was there.

tonewise, it sounded like a boomier stingray but lacked a bit of the bite of a normal stingray. i could get a really nice jazz walk with the pickups in the trad position with the bass boosted a bit. really liked the trad and bright positions. it gives the bass alot of versatility. the bright was stingrayish and the trad was punchy; similar to a pbass. the b felt good and wasn't floppy. really boomy tone. this is the sound which will be driving a band and keep people's heads going up and down.

construction seemed okay to me. straight neck and tight joint, i felt the tuners felt a bit flimsy and easy to turn so i'm not so sure how well it'll keep tune. electronics were good in similar ibanez fashion. i'm waiting to try out the atk300 which wasn't in stock. the neck of a 305 is still too narrow for me.

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