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do you wanna play bass in my band?


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we live in brooklyn (bushwick). we're man down. we've got possible shows up the wazzoo. nyc. boston. dc. philidelphia. a week in england in april.


get in touch for more details...or if you have any questions.




www.otherpassengers.com (we're in the middle of overhauling the site...it hasn't been updated in a while)

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It's tempting, but I've got my hands full with work. Damn... Bushwick is just a few stops up the L for me...

It sounds interesting. Do you have any shows coming up?



hey. yeah, we've booked a show at southpaw in conjunction with BAM (i don't know very much yet)


some shows in march with the jealous girlfriends.


and we're talking with read yellow about a few shows up in boston, nyc, and dc.


plus the usual fare...the closing of an artspace in williamsburg, the closing of sin-e...


here's a clip from a december show:



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