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anyone else think the Colts frontman kicks ass?


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Colts 34 Bears 17






I'm not speculating on the score. I'm very superstitious and I think it's bad luck.


BTW, You're only the second pats fan I know who's supporting the Colts. I went to college in CT, so I know quite a few. THANKS FOR BEIN' MY FRIIIIEEENND :D


But seriously, the majority of pats fans I know hate the colts now. It's quite depressing really...

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oh hell yeah!


there's a rumor around here #18 has an extra brain in his elbow...



my first moniker i had a colts avatar, but it got screwed up and i don't have enough posts yet.


the city is pretty live right now, very fun. it's especially fun for my brother in law (a colts fan) who married a bears fan and lives in chicago. there's lots of situations like that around here, before '84 we had no team, so everyone was a bears fan and there's still a lot left. also up in northwest indiana most people work and associate themselves more with chicago so there's lots of fans up there too.


it's a good situation though, it's nice not to have the trash talk going on for once.


if you're a fan check out q95's page, scroll down to the audio clips at the bottom left. the AFC championship game montage is awesome.


go horse!!!!

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