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Smells like a scam to me...


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I'm selling a MIM P bass, and listed it in the classifieds here - as it hasn't sold yet, I listed it on Craigslist yesterday, and got the following response via email:



"Hello, I saw it AD on CL and i want to ask if the

above item listed is still avaliable for sale??? and

if is still available. I am Mabel and i have an

interested in your Item! that you want to sell and am

buying for our my use,so please let me know the mode

of payment......though i will like to know the

shipment cost, so i will while waiting for your mail

because i want it urgently response......Regards"



...I've heard of scams where a bogus check or money order is sent, that later on turns out to be worthless - seems like one of those in this case...


Just thought I'd share,




- georgestrings

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I got a really good one on eBay today....


it went something like this.....


"Hi. I am very interested in this item but the exact same item is posted in another auction for much more:


http://item9999999.pop3.ru/blah blah blah


Please check it out and let me know what the real price is. "


The URL is not an eBay website, it is a Russian website that looks exactly like eBay and prompts you to log in to view the item.


If they would have spoofed the web url better (I don't go to any .ru (russian) websites), I may have fallen for it

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I love the phishing sites that appear to be from credit card or bank companies where they want you to validate your information. I also take a minute to fill them in - if nothing else, they'll waste more time trying to get into the real deal with my false info.


Junk mail? Yep... I stuff it back into their prepaid return envelope and return it to them.


Wait until I'm retired - this will be a good hobby.

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