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Full Pedal Board. Recommendations and set up needed.


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So, I wanna make a pedal board with quite a few pedals on it.


I have already,








A good compressor. I am looking at either the EBS MULTICOMP or the EHX BLACKFINGER


A floorpedal tuner, maybe a BOSS?


Another distortion, I was thinking the EHX HOT TUBES


A volume pedal, maybe a MORLEY


A delay pedal, maybe a BOSS?


If I get these, what order would you recommend they go in?

Also, what size board would I need to fit them on?

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First get pedals you like and set them up fine, then get the board.

It's a good way to save money.




Set your pedals all out the way you like them (with the cables and power supply too. Be sure to leave space for future pedals) and with a piece of tape, mark around in a pedalboard shape. Measure how much space you'll need and buy or build a pedalboard to that size. It'll save you money for when you go for one and help keep the board nice and tidy.


I learned this lesson recently as my one pedalboard is a rats nest of cables, pedals on top of pedals, and wires hanging out of everywhere.

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