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Lesbian Bass Players

Rhythm Junky

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Well, RJ, you've now seen how things roll around here.


Welcome to the forum! :)


In response to your question, there are only three female bass players on this forum that I know of:

-Melanie (who is not a lesbian, she's just English)

-bassgirl9 (aka Corralee, whose husband does not believe is a lesbian...for that matter, neither do her two children)

-one other young lady whose name escapes me, whom you will probably never see again thanks to the antics of one of our semi-regulars. I don't think that she was a lesbian.


MrsSVI is on here but she is neither a bass player nor a lesbian, much to the relief of her husband, SARios.


I may be missing someone.


Give us some background on yourself: influences, projects, equipment, etc.

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Cool! I take it that means I am a lesbien?

erm... yeah. There are only 4 female forumtes. The 4 named and the one I'm to drunk to remember their name...

My apologies for my drunken ass...



Basschick22 I believe is her screen name. Fellow Okie. Haven't seen her in awhile. Can't vouch for her preferences, Can vouch she is a cool forumite.

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