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First bass amp..


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I'd say go the used route and buy some separates. Good, used heads include GK 400's, Peavey Firebasses, Ampeg B2R's and some Yorkville stuff, I'd imagine (I never have seen much in the way of Yorkville gear). A nice 1x12 or 2x10 would be great, IMO.


For $500 used I got a Gallien-Krueger 400RB-IV and a Genz-Benz LS 112T cab. Sounds wonderful and is powerful enough to practice with, IME.


BTW, your login name has haunted me for years. I recall it when I used to hang out in the guitar forums. I crack up everytime I think of it! :thu:



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What kind of wattage are you looking for?


Even though I've only had it a couple of months I can't imagine living life without my Roland Cube 100. So many great tones to play around with. In my ignorant experience you can get by with just very basic bass tones and now they're all in one handy lightweight combo. The chorus is unuseable to me but the rest of the fx sound good. Surprisingly loud for 100W too. I highly suggest you give one consideration. For $450 it serves the purpose admirably.

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I've played guitar for over 15 years now but I'd like to get a P-Bass, so I'm wondering what are some decent bass amps in the $500 to $600 range?




You can get a really nice rig for that kind of cash here in the states I am not sure about Canadian currency though

The biggest bang for the Buck would be rhe Kustom C 210 Groove Combo which pushes 600 watts of power and nice and Loud but heavy , it does have casters though.

you can also get a Phonic 740 Powerpod PA with 2 Sem 715 speakers for 400.00 which is really nice and you can plug the whole band in to this system not to mention you can add on as you need.

as mentioned above the Roland Cubes are nice and portable but would not do for Gigging unless it was a coffee shop type of gig or something small

along those lines


I am also Partial to Nemesis and Peavey High dollar but the best equipment IMO, Marshall and Fender Equipment

all good stuff IMO


I have a Nemesis 8x10 combo that rocks the house but also will deplete your bank account


Yamaha also makes good affordable equipment

GK makes some Good equipment as well

Ashdown, Decent but not my personal favorite.

Beheringer not very popular but dispite how much it is hated some of their Bass cabs like the BA8 10 are very good pieces but for the money you are willing to spend you can get better equipment than what Behringer offers.


this is all equipment that I am fimilliar with

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