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From Wikipedia:

Dick Trickle (born October 27, 1941 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) is an auto racer. He raced for decades around the short tracks of Wisconsin, winning many championships along the way.


Part of his popularity stemmed from his unusual and innuendo-laden name. ESPN's Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann often made it a point to mention where he finished whenever NASCAR highlights were featured on Sportscenter. He was also infamous for having drilled a hole in his safety helmet so that he could smoke while racing, and for installing cigarette lighters in his race cars. [1] Trickle was allowed by NASCAR to smoke in the race car during yellow flag periods, and in the 1990 Winston 500, Trickle was seen on live television by the in-car camera lighting up and smoking a cigarette.
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The only good fast food type of resteraunt in the world. Dick's in Seattle.


Oh, hail yeah. The best cheap burgers in the Northwest. I wouldn't recommend going there after the bars close in the U-District or Ballard, however.


Magic Dick, harp player from the J. Geils Band:


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