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dano long horn wiring

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Hey Guys,



I'm trying to find a schematic for a Danelectro P-bass. It has a split P pickup, a volume control, tone control, and a phase switch (?).



It's buzzing a lot, and it has a LOT more wiring than any P-bass I've ever seen :D



All the info I can find on the net is regarding the original Dano's with the lipstick pickups. This isn't an older model. If anyone has any leads on this I would appreciate it.


The problem seems to be simple ground hum, but there's such an amazing array of wires in that I don't know where to start.... to add to that it looks like some of the wires have been hotglued instead of soldered... so I'd really like a schematic so I could just tear it all out and start fresh.


Thanks in advance.

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if its a passive split P pup there are only a few possibilities

the normal P split wired in series set up..with one hot and one ground..and one tone cap

the parallel wired P with ....similar wiring


a combination of both using a switch to select either series or parallel


in which case there are 2 hots and 2 earths..grounds...to the switch

and one hot from the switch to the jack via the tone..and a ground to the jack


the bridge may be earthed to the jack


you may have redundant wiring in there..

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