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Band name needed - more specific requirements


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We're looking for a cool band name with the following format:

Somebody and the somethings or somebodies.

Example: Eddie and the Cruisers, Bob and the Builders (I have kids sorry)






I love those movies.







Sorry I have nothing to add.

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Here are a few suggestions:


Donnie and the Oz mons

Koe Pratt and the Yes Men

Bif and the Schozbots

The Famous Lewinsky's

Captain Crunch and the Serials (yes, wrong spelling is intentional)

Snap Krackel and the Popps

Aesop and the Fables

Duey Wanna and the Answers

Scooby and the Dooz

Jailhouse Bob and the Snitches

Jazz Ad and the Moderators

Kenneth Lay and the Sneaky Bean Counters

Gonna and the Buyadells


If you have a chick singer you could do . . . .

Haley Burton and the Oil Men

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Some more . . . . .


Bootie and the Ho's Fish

Popeye and the 4 Arms

Marlin Perkins and the Crazy Fowlers

Gene Alogy and the Forking Trees


edit . . . .more-


Reese and the Pieces

Reece and the Witherspoons

Jolly Roger and the Angry Pirates

Polly Tiggs and the Libruls

Noob and the Forumites

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