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BBE DI 100x and 1000

Lizzard Tom

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Ok, got the BBE DI100x last night. First impression, built very strong and designed well. Straight forward and simple to use. Comes with ac adapter, and runs off 9 volt battery. Balanced and unbalanced lines out the back and a unaffected thru line out the front. I like that it has an on-off switch and a -15 dB pad. The sound, well, what BBE does best. The sound is more focused and very punchy. The Lo Contour adds a little to huge balls low end, but not boomy. I tried it with several basses and all benefited from the unit. My Roscoe LG just sounds amazing with it, and I was really impressed with how my Azola Bugbass sounded through it. I used it through both of my rigs, Eden Timetraveler and Fender Bassman 100, and it made a huge difference in both. Can't wait to try it thru a PA. :thu:

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