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Blog-ish? Paypal rawr!


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Yeah, so, I won an auction for a nice looking OLP 5er on Ebay a few days ago.


Today, I get a message from the guy saying that he's going to ship it out as soon as the payment clears.

So, I'm like, "Wtf, payment clearing, wha?" So then I go check my Paypal account, and it payed with an "eCheck" which draws from the bank account the account is attached to, and it left the $200 whatever I had in my Paypal account and overdrew the bank account. Thankfully, my bank likes me enough to let the payment go through, but I still have a $30 charge for overdrawing.


I called 'em up, and they told me it's a glitch with Paypal and they'd have someone call me back within 24-72 hours.

They better give me my damn $30 back!


Though I AM glad that it wasn't something that I screwed up, and was a Paypal problem.


:mad: :mad:

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