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New band, new amp needs?


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A little history:


I'm 29. I did the garage band thing in college, wishing we were Weezer or Smashing Pumpkins. Had a crappy rig then, but you make do as a poor boy.


Graduated, moved to Portland, got involved with the singer/songwriter alt-folk scene, downsized to a combo (my trustworthy H&K 130w 15"). I got a pretty serious job, got married, and built a guitar or two for friends, but back burnered music for a bit.


Two people I work with are musicians and wanted to jam. I was up for some fun. It was incredible blues rock, like SRV, Hendrix, or Allman Bros. So we're talking about adding a singer and maybe playing out eventually.


Here's the thing:


Guitarist plays a 40w Tone King amp. It's loud as hell. I've been around guys with 100w Marshal SS stacks that weren't as loud (if you don't know Tone King, think Matchless or Dr. Z) It easily overpowered the SWR Workingman's 15 combo at the practice space, which tells me it'll kick my combo's ass too.


Now, I like to be understated, I don't want to stick out or rumble the walls down, but I don't want to be buried by Tele thunder either. What should I look at that could keep up with the guitar? I'm thinking maybe a Ampeg B2RE with a 4x10, but I prefer the sound of 15's. Maybe look long and hard for an Ampeg 2x15 cab? I'm leaning Ampeg to try and get that classic 60's blues sound... but I'm open to ideas. Money is, of course, an issue. Oh, and it's amping a Pbass.

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