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Last nights show: GREAT!!!


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So last night, I performed witha good friend of mine. We are just acoustic guitar and FL bass. But this time I decided to clean the dust off the violin and play with that.


I haven't even touched the fiddle for over a year. I haven't performed for anyone other than myself for almost 10 years. So I decided to pull it out for a couple songs, and I am so scared. I thought I sounded like crap, I know I was way out of tune. I was so embarrassed.


After we finished playing, so many people wanted to talk to me that I couldn't even put my gear away. Everybody loved it!!


I had people waiting in line to talk to me. That is one of the best feelings, to be able to perform and know that people sincerely like what you're doing.


So, I had 2 other bands that want me to play fiddle for them now. I guess I'm gonna have to start practicing.


I now have a permagrin that will last for days.:D

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