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Amp shopping - where to test, where to buy

Captain Fathead

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Hey guys,


I'm in the market for a new amp... been doing the pre- power - amp thing for a while, and I'm kinda lusting for a head. It's not urgent, the guys I'm jamming with won't be ready to play out until the summer at the earliest. My question:


Where can I find a place to demo the following brands:






I'm fine with buying used. Amps I've tried that are on the shortlist:


Markbass (Very high up... really loved what I demoed at GC)

Aguilar AG500 (the two channel)

Ampeg V4BH (don't wanna spend the extra scratch on an SVT).


I'd like to spend under 1K, but I know that might not be realistic (esp. with some of the markbass stuff). I'll be playing with a drummer and at least one guitard, and the amp will be pushing a 4 ohm avatar. Suggestions please, and recommendations on where to try the stuff if you know!


EDIT: I'm located in Brooklyn, but wouldn't have a problem moving around New England. I'm heading up to Boston in a couple of weeks, so stores that stock there could be mentioned.



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Can't go wrong with that stuff.

I choose the Markbass Little Mark II simply for it's portability & overall bang-for-buck. All the rave reviews didn't hurt either. :D

Mostly, I had a specific goal in mind which was to have a very compact rig for practice and small scale stuff like that. My next amp will be all tube. So far Ampeg's V4b is near the top of my list.

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