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Bass exam tomorow.


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Well I have my bass half of my SQA higher (basically the last step before uni) music practical exam tomorow - and it is for bass! :thu:


Three pieces, from the "rockschool" books - basically rip off of famous bands styles put into contexts of different grades. I only need grade 4 (made it a grade less than last year - which is nuts) but I'm doing two grade 5 pieces and one grade four. Entitled - "Outta space vibe" - the groove one - "Queen for a day" - the rock one, based unsuprisingly on Queen - and "Downtime" - the funky one.


They are quite good songs actually. The guitar songs are cheesy and fairly lame but these got groove :cool: All I have to do is keep my nerves in check and I should get high marks with ease as these songs aren't well within my comfort zone.


In the prelim, I got incredibly nervous all of a sudden, and I was using my Stagg "bongular" with the School's Behringer ultra-bass which sounded like crap because I didn't have any time to sort my sound. So this time I'm taking in the B.C Rich (I'll make a joke about playing death metal to the examiner) as it is the simplest bass (volume, tone) and is the best out of my 3 for getting a suitable tone on the fly. Especially with a not so brilliant amp.


Last gig I played (after the mentioned prelim) my nerves hardly effected me, and when they did, they made my playing better. This is a different type of pressure, just me, my bass, the backing track - and the examiner.


Wish me luck! I should be ok! I'll update the thread in business mangement class tomorow! :D

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Only grade four? That seems pretty easy. Do they raise it for the next exam?


They have been dumbing down the higher exam. Last year it was grade 5 1st, grade 4 second, now it is just grade four for both. Two years ago it was two grade 5 instruments.


It is the only exam I can honestly say they are dumbing down!


Anyhoo, the exam went ok. Got myself phyced up by listning to "Seventh son of a seventh son" by Maiden a couple of times through! :thu:


My exam was supposed to start at 11.10, but my headteacher was "chatting" to the examiner untill 11.15 (she had been in for 20 minutes) and then they locked the exam room while the guy went to the toilet so I couldn't set up! By the time I got in it was 11.20! :rolleyes:


Was really under pressure to set up fast, had my volume far too loud at first, and so I almost turned myself of for a beat in the first bar of the first song! D'oh - I'm just hoping it will be ignored because I never got a proper soundtest. I didn't make any rythmic/dynamics mistakes, just a couple of nervous {censored} ups which werent too bad. Played the Queen song all the way through, then first minute of "outta space vibe" - but he stopped it before the bass solo! :mad: and then the first section of "Downtime" - before it got into the syncopation section (y'know - the bit that seperates the good from the bad). It just made me look better I suppose...


Anyhoo shouldn't be too bad - I'm expecting a high B, but an A wouldn't be too far off the cards, so I can complaiin exept for being rushed!

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