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Two extra spots in bass amp rack.....any suggestions???


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I use an Eden WT-800C in a four space rack. This means I have two rack slots completely free and I'm just wondering if you guys have any reccomendations. I kind of want to leave one space open in the rack for ventilation, but i will still consider filling it up completely. Here are the possible options ive been thinking:


1. Power conditioner (very boring/questionable nessesity)

2. Rackmount tuner (I use a little basic korg one right now that works fine for me, my bass stays in tune pretty well)

3. Line 6 Rackmount BassPod (seems pretty interesting (2 rack spaces), however i wasnt floored by the demos on the site and havent actually been able to test one out yet).



Anyone else have any more suggestions or input? thanks

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