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Amp setting using Ashdown Drive Plus Bass FX Pedal?


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Well, took the plunge and ordered an Ashdown Drive Plus Bass FX Pedal to mate up with my Ashdown Five-Fifteen amp. I'm trying to get a more "agressive" sound at normal volume levels and I think this pedal will help with that. Anyway, my amp settings right now are as follows:






"Deep" switch is in the off position.


All settings can go to 11 (no, this is NOT a Spinal Tap amp,LOL) and these are the settings that sound pretty good right now. The pedal will have:

Input, Drive, Dist tone, Dist Lvl., and Output.


I wonder how these setting will change or alter the setting on my amp as I have them now? I guess I'll be able to turn the Gain down since the pedal will add the gain to the amp. and I'll probably be able to tweek the Bass/Mid/Treb a bit with the Dist Tone setting. What do ya'll think or should I just wait and use my ear to set up everything?

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