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Crap , I thought all this time that a Bassist needs tons of Watts , now this may be true if you want to drive many speakers or fill a big room with little or no PA or a big ass 18" . So I have this little , non-tweeter Avatar G4x10 it's awesome 1200 watt neo, it doesn't kick out as much bass as a larger ported 4x10 but will fill a small room and sounds really great , it's been working for me pretty good. But push tons of power through it and it can loose clarity , and get a bit congested , no biggie this happens with many cabs , I really can't think of any cabs that I have used that didn't impart their eq for better or worse on your tone . Anyway , I have this '73 50 watt Marshall , that I love now , 50 watts ??? I don't get it , it's amazingly loud , I haven't even turned it up past 12:00 , it has a beautiful rock tone , which I think I've been looking for and it looks cool :D I have been running an Ampeg V4BH that I really love as well I would say it's on the oldschool R&B side of tone, and that amp is egual to my old SS , SWR stereo 800 and Stewart 1.2 1200 watter . The Marshall is loud enough for the situation (3pc jam rock) . So how can this be :confused: Now enter 2 ss amps I have owned and used , GK 800rb and Ashdown EB180 both very powerful ss heads . So wtf with this amp rating thing . 50 watts tube kills 1200 watts digital :p some ss 180's kill other 300 watters, is it the Transformers ?. There must be a formula , like a juicy tube note sends more information to the brain then a cold lifeless ss note ? Or a good 300 watt ss is really 900 watts . Any scientist here figure this out for me . :D m/


and because I love this amp :D



and Avatar G410




Bottom line , try it , it just may be what you are looking ;)

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Very detailed article on this:





Hey Thanks ! Though it seems they are talking about SS amps here mostly , these tube amps really hit the ears a bit differently , and they sure feel different too , under the fingers , and God knows a geetarist only needs a few tube watts to be loud , sure different frequencies and dynamics play a part . :rolleyes::blah::idea::freak:

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