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Trace Elliot preamp interchangeability?


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After trying an Eden Nemesis head, I am satisfied mostly that I will stay with my Trace. It has the bite I will need and I just need to tweak it a bit more to get the sound. It won't be 100% but it is closer.


The question I do have though is: How interchangeable are the preamps?


I recall my old AH250 in which the preamp section could be detached separately and because of the rackmount style mounting, another model could be interchanged. Not 100% sure if the AH300 I have is similarly mounted, pulling her apart will tell but at this stage maybe not.


The reason I ask is I have seen some of the higher level preamps on Ebay and other locations around Australia. The upper level models allow you to blend between Shaped and Flat, which is where I want to be on my current amp. Unfortunately the AH300 shaping is either on or off and that is a source of annoyance.


A definite possibility is to find a higher end Trace preamp and mate that to a power amp of some sort in a rack.


Another option is to go for something like an Ashown Mark King or one of these:




Mark King




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Did you get much of an idea of the harmonic enhance knob?

Mark King's tone is super toppy. I don't want to go to his extreme but a nice glassy top is what I like. The Eden just didn't have the sharpness nor growl.

It was like 3 years ago :D I just remember thinking, if I wanted super clean tone this is the sort of amp I would get.Then again, it probably could have done more than that sound, I didn't mess with it too long.

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