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Is there a problem with eBay...


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Or is this some BS Really Huge Corp installed to block auction surfing?


I can get to eBay, log on, look at my watch list, but if I look at an individual item I get this:



WARNING: ProxyAV has detected a virus in this


File has been dropped.

ProxyAV Administrator:

2007-04-02 10:55:59-04:00EDT

Hardware serial number: N/A

ProxyAV (Version -

Antivirus Vendor: Sophos, Plc.

Scan Engine Version: 2.43

Pattern File Version: 4.15.224361.1415437514 (Timestamp: 2007/04/02 15:07:00)

Machine name: Rowka's PC

Machine IP address: x.xx.xxx.xxx

Server: xx.xxx.xxx.xx

Client: x.xx.xx.xx

Protocol: ICAP

Virus: "Mal/Iframe-A" found!

URL: [whatever is the URL of the item I'm trying to look at]



It doesn't matter how I try to open the item, from my watch list, from browsing, from email notifications...



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