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Fireworks/party throwing question...


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3 years ago I took on my family's annual 4th of July party. When I was a kid I always forced my dad to make the trip north of the cheese curtain to buy fireworks. I always was the kid who supplied the dangerous crap to our parties. My parents, wouldn't have ever gone had it not been for my persistent nagging to go buy them. Now, I'm the host. I have lot of kids at the party, and none of them bought fireworks, but many asked me if I had any. I did not.


So, my question is.....is it still my responsibility to bring potentially dangerous fireworks to a party I host? IMO, it's more of a kids thing to do. That's not to say I don't still love fireworks, but the thing is I'm so busy now as the host I never would have time to light them off, and I'd be terrified that one of my nieces/nephews, or friends kids, would hurt themselves with something I bought.


So, whatdya think?

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