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Why the guy I've gone out with is pretty cool


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Well, first of all, he is really really fugly, but that's not the point.


I've only gone out with him a few times, but he played my High Scool Reunion. His band also played at the club I was in last New Years Eve. I've been introduced to several members of the band, and none of them seemed to notice that I really am a guy.


The guy has't even asked me if I want to be invited out to the gigs he's playing, but he's gonna pay for that when I show up on their next gig and walks out on the stage, grabbing the mic and telling everyone in the audience what a really stupid schmuck he is! Haha!


He even thinks I'm a massage therapist, and he hasn't yet noticed that I really am a guy either! That's why I like him, btw.



























Sorry, man. I'm bored, and I just had to!... :D

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