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Goin' to Nawlins Next Month!

T. Alan Smith

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IMO, skip Cafe DuMonde...all they have is coffee and beignets...the atmosphere is kinda sucky, too. (At least the one near the French Market.) You want tasty beignets and an awesome breakfast selection, as well as a quaint spot to eat, hit Cafe Beignet on Royal St next to the Police Station in the Quarter. (There is also a newer one open on Bourbon, but it's not as quaint as the one around the corner on Royal.)


Another must-hit breakfast place is Slim Goodies on Magazine. (Cash only, though.) I recommend the Crawfish Etouffee Omelette.


While you're on Magazine, hit Louisiana Music Exchange. Last I was there, lots of Rays and G&L's on the wall plus some odd-ball stuff.


Spend some time in the Quarter, but not all your time.


Take a walk in Audobon Park and possibly Audobon Zoo.


There's also an Art Museum that's pretty darn cool. I can't remember how to get there.


For lunch or dinner, I recommend Juan's Flying Burrito on Magazine. Lots of neat little shops around there, too.


If you're into the ghost tours, there's one that is a lot of fun...the name of it eludes me...I think it's just New Orleans Ghost tours or something like that. Lots of history revealed on that one. Skip the Vampire Tour.


For dinner, if you don't mind spending a bit, I HIGHLY recommend The Court Of The Two Sisters on Royal St in the Quarter.


Definitely check out Jackson Square at several points during the day. Lots of street venders, seers, street performers. Check it out at night, even if you don't go on the ghost tour. The alley beside it is supposed to be quite haunted.


Take in some jazz.


Talk to the homeless people...lots of them will sing you a song or play something for you.


Have a blast!

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Female Impersonators! Hurricanes! Takee Outee!

See if anyone interesting is playing at Jimmy's or Tipitina's. Ride a streetcar.

The original Copelands isn't bad either for dinner.


I don't think the streetcars are operational yet. :(


Has this changed recently?


Drink an Abita for me!

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