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So the fat chicks that I work with.......


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Your single. There's no better way to get back on the horse than by having relations with a fat chick.

Or so I've heard. I...um....ahem....well....yeah.



A slightly overweight chick with a decent face is one thing......these woman are bog monsters. I think the one has more hair on her face than I do

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Let's see now.


It's 2007, you work for the government, and there are sexual harassment laws.




If these women are talking about sex near your work area, you hear it, and it makes you violently ill...:eek:


You are probably being sexually harassed.:evil:


Keep a log of the dates and times, the names of the offenders, and tape their conversations. Also make note of whether any supervisors or managers are participating in or tolerating these activities.


You never know when you might need to use this...


EEOC Sexual Harassment Facts


Note this gem: "The harasser's conduct must be unwelcome.":rolleyes:


There is no way of knowing if the conduct was unlawful unless someone complains about it. If no one complains, it was legal!

And what if the conduct was welcome when it occurred in the past, but now the "harassee" changes their mind?


This law must have been written by a female... lawyer.:mad:

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