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seen a kustom groovebass rig of doom live in action!!


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the bass playa fer the artimus pyle band was playin a mm sterling 5-er,into a kustom groovebass head+4x10+1x15? or 18 cab man he was rite in the mix with alot of muscians. sax,mandolin,guitars arts heavy assed drums all in all sounded great. on a side note when the opener act left the stage,i seen the bass rig in the background of arts band and i just glanced at it i said to myself,quote,THAT LOOKS LIKE A GENZ BENZ RIG!! upon a closer more slowed down look it was a kustom!!! what the hell has this forum done to me? christ i look at a guys bass rig and i assume automatically its a GENZ!!!! WTF?? PEACE!! LUMPY

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