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got a pretty kick ass distorted tone on a recording today.


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Damn thats sweet!!!

Care to share the Bad Monkey mods??


sure thing man - the next time i have it open i'll take a couple of pics for you. i don't have a schematic so i had to do it all blind (listening to the circuit).

i know off hand i replaced the bass eq cap and in and output caps.there's still bass loss in the bypass circuit somewhere that i have to track down so when it gets worked out i'll shoot you over a couple of pics.

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You gotta tell me the specs on your snare.
God damn that track was {censored}in' wicked man.


thanks man!

that track was my slingerland aluminum.5.5x14 ,8 lug. i just swapped the batter to remo coated powerstroke 3 ( the best snare batter i've ever used period) at the moment there's a single ply aquarian snare head and pearl snares.

these slingerland aluminums don't get no loving cause people confuse em with slingerland's aluminum beginner snares so you can still pick em up in the 120.00 - 150.00 range.

the good ones look like this :



the not so good ones look like this:



those are both referred to as slingerland aluminums but the ribbed ones are waaaaay better drums.


they are INSANELY loud but are still really responsive ,can't say enough good stuff about em :thu:

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awsome i liked it, how is ur Monkey modified/



thanks dood -right now i've swapped the input and output caps as well as the cap for the bass control. i'm still tweaking on it (it's on my bench as we speak) but as it stands right now it's a pretty awesome bass overdrive.

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