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Heinlein memorial....


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"Well I don't exactly know what's goin on in the world today,

I don't know what there is to say about the way the people are treating each other -- not like brothers

Leaders take us far away from ecology with mythology And astrology has got some words to say about the way we live today

Why can't we learn to love each other and try to turn a new face to the whole world-wide human race

Stop the money chase, and lay back, relax, and get back on the human track

And stop racing toward oblivion; oh such a sad, sad state we're in

And that's the thing -- do you recognize the bell of truth when you hear it ring?

Stop and listen to the little children sing; and won't you sing it, children!"

--Leon Russell

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Gotta love Heinlein. When reading "Stranger in a Strange Land", I decided it was my favorite book. That only happens with really great writers.



I didn't really know much about his life at all...very interesting guy...and one of America's greatest authors, imo.

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