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U.S member, can you help out a Bass Bro ??


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I'm looking to buy a set of D'Addario Nickel Round Wounds, a twin pack, code EXL165TP. The prices here are obscene ...it's not wonder Aussie musos can't make a living here, we pay so much for basic essential items, because of the brand name and that they came from the other side of the world. That's why our market is flooded the 'made in China' stuff ..


Anyways, Musicians Friend are selling these at $24.99 but only ship to U.S and Canada.


I have a PayPal account. If any of you guys could buy a twin pack, I'll pay you upfront if you have PayPal....I'll add as much as I can as a tip for you.:)


PM me if you are willing to help out ....$ is tight for me, but to buy at the MF price, pay for shipping and add a tip for you, it would still beat any price here.


p.s - will only want EXL165TP : a common regular gauge but the A string is .085 (instead of .080), and I really like that.


p.p.s - if you are in Australia and know of a place I can get this set for AUD$45 shipping inc, please let me know.

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