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I feeel good!


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Just spent the evening framing 3 pieces for a show. For those of you in the area, if you get a chance to stop in to the Batavia Gallery over the next month, the Batavia Artists Guild is hanging a show there tomorrow that will be there a month. Sorry, no reception.


Anyways, as per my site in my sig, on the Recent Projects, Asheville 2002 page, the three I framed are









White frames with 2 mats each. Inner mats dark green, outer mats white-ish, with white frames. First one, a yellowish white mat with a warm white frame, the next two a bluish swirl white mat with a cooler white frame. Turned out awesome!


On one hand, I love matting and framing work, because it makes it sing! On the other, framing choices are very personal and specific, and often make it so I person won't buy a specific work, simply because they'd frame it differently.



I am pleased!

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Honestly, I don't know much about art and happen to like those "dogs playing poker" on black velvet :rolleyes:...


but, I like those, too. Very cool. My wife was an art major before deciding on a career in pharmacy instead, and we have lots of her paintings hanging around the house. She knows art better than I know music, and I totally respect that.


Congrats to you, '56. :thu:

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