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Question for Aussies


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I've got a Gallien Krueger 700RB, and a GK 15" (SBX, i think) that I am planning to sell to make way for the GBE1200.


What is a reasonable asking price for them? considering the 700RB-II has come out recently... (the speaker in the cab is BRAND NEW - just been replaced, haven't even got it back from the shop yet!)


I'm managing my youngest brothers band, and their bassist wants to upgrade from a practice amp - so if he likes the 700RB I'll give it to him a bit cheaper than what eBay would fetch me. I just need a good price to give him that doesn't leave me out of pocket either! Otherwise, I'll offer it up here and on eBay... but this kid gets first crack at it.


Thanks for the help guys!

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